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Meet the Winner of June’s $1000 BEATDiabetes Drawing

Stephanie was able to improve her A1C with the help of the BEATDiabetes program. We were inspired by her success and caught up with her to ask a few questions about how she improved her diabetes control, what advice she has for others working to do the same, and what she plans to do with the $1000.

How long have you had Type 2 diabetes? I was diagnosed approximately 20 years ago. At that time, we did not receive a lot of education as Type 2s. Basically, we were just given Metformin and told to lose weight.

What has been the biggest challenge for you in dealing with diabetes? As a diabetic, you need to plan meals, exercise … everything, really. Unfortunately, planning goes against my personality. I really don’t enjoy planning. I prefer to eat or go out for fun, etc whenever the mood strikes me.

What changes have you made that have helped improve your blood sugar? I always take my medications as prescribed and I am finally getting better at planning meals for the day or at least making better selections about what to eat and amounts when I am not in control of the meal. My next step is to exercise regularly by trying to set up at least a plan that will work for a free spirit like me.

Why did you decide to sign-up for BEATDiabetes? I joined the program because of the reminders that I could set up to take my medications and the inspirational information provided as well. I have found that helpful for me to stay on track and remember my goals.

How has the BEATDiabetes program helped you manage your diabetes? It helps me to keep pushing towards better health. It’s so easy to get frustrated and depressed with a chronic illness, especially one where you may not have outward symptoms until you have really elevated blood sugar. I get positive reinforcement from the plan.

What motivates you to make healthy choices? I really just want to be healthy. I am making healthier choices day by day when deciding things like…should I eat that, how many carbs are in that, are the carbs worth it, etc. If I decide I need to have something I really want, I will limit portion size.

What advice do you have for others trying to improve their diabetes control? Everyone needs to keep in mind that diabetic control is not a sprint. It is basically a marathon. It’s really helpful to set some goals that you can live with. Don’t be afraid to seek help or advice or to join support groups. Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up if you fail. None of us are perfect. The most important thing is to keep trying.

What do you plan to do with the $1000? I would really like to say that I was saving the money. While I have not yet decided what to do with the money, it will definitely be something to celebrate that I have hit a milestone for me with regard to diabetic control. I still have a long way to go but celebrating my success will be positive reinforcement to keep going!

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