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Meet the Winner of June's $1000 BEATDiabetes Drawing

We reached out to June's $1000 BEATDiabetes Drawing Winner, Robin, to ask a few questions about her diabetes journey, what advice she has for others trying to make healthy changes, and what she plans to do with the $1000.

We hope you find her story inspiring! Follow her lead and the next winner could be you!

How long have you had diabetes? I have had diabetes for over 10 years.

What are the biggest challenges you face in trying to manage your diabetes? The biggest challenges for me are finding time to plan, shop, and cook healthy meals.

What changes have you made that have helped improve your diabetes control? I found an exercise routine that I enjoy so much that it doesn't feel like exercise. I also try to be mindful of what I am eating. I try hard to succeed in choosing food options that I like AND are healthy versus food options that I really like BUT raise my blood sugar.

What motivates you to make healthy choices? My motivation is a desire to live a healthy lifesyle into my "golden" years in order to enjoy all that life has to offer.

What advice do you have for others dealing with type 2 diabetes? Focus on yourself and do what you know is right--every day is a new day to exercise and make healthy food choices.

Why did you decide to sign-up for BEATDiabetes? I decided to sign-up for BEATDiabetes because I need reminders throughout the day to support me in my goal of monitoring my blood sugar, exercise, and make healthy food choices.

How has the BEATDiabetes program helped you? My life gets busy and having text messages helps me stay focused. The motivational quotes also help me to maintain a positive mindset. BEATDiabetes has been like a friend who pops in throughout the day to check on me and cheer me on in reaching my goal of a lower A1C.

What do you plan to do with the $1000? My plan for the $1000 is to use it towards setting up a new home that will be close to my daughter and her family so that I can help take care of my granddaughter.

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